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While the detection of the interesting regions in images has been extensively studied, relatively few papers have addressed surfaces. This paper proposes an algorithm for detecting the regions of interest of surfaces. It looks for regions that are distinct both locally and globally and accounts for the distance to the foci of attention. It is also shown how(More)
Mesh segmentation has become a necessary ingredient in many applications in computer graphics. This paper proposes a novel hierarchical mesh segmentation algorithm, which is based on new methods for prominent feature point and core extraction. The algorithm has several benefits. First, it is invariant both to the pose of the model and to different(More)
(a) Input model (b) User's scribbles (c) Colorized model Figure 1: Given a 3D model (a), the user scribbles on it using the desired colors (b). Our algorithm completes the colorization and generates the model shown in (c). Abstract This paper proposes a novel algorithm for colorization of meshes. This is important for applications in which the model needs(More)
Shape-based retrieval of 3D models has become an important challenge in computer graphics. Object similarity, however, is a subjective matter, dependent on the human viewer, since objects have semantics and are not mere geometric entities. Relevance feedback aims at addressing the subjectivity of similarity. This paper presents a novel relevance feedback(More)
The advancement of digital audio enables the reproduction of copyright-protected media without any degradation in audio quality. This causes severe problems of copyright violations and emphasizes the need for copyright protection mechanisms. Digital watermarking is one of the most popular copyright protection mechanisms. In this paper we present a novel(More)