George Lawton

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Interpersonal Deception Theory (ODT) frames deception as a communication activity and examines deception within interactive contexts. One key element of the theory is the role of suspicion in prompting behavioral changes on the part of both sender and receiver. An experiment testing several suspicion-related hypotheses paired participants (half friends,(More)
With the increasing use of high-speed Internet technologies, the concept of cloud computing has become more popular. In cloud computing, users work with Web-based, rather than local, storage and software. These applications are accessible via a browser and look and act like desktop programs.
There are many more machines - defined as things with mechanical, electrical, or electronic properties - in the world than people. And a growing number of machines are networked. Harbor Research, a technology consultancy and analysis firm, estimates that by 2010, at least 1.5 billion devices will be Internet-connected worldwide. The increasingly popular(More)
Experts have talked about the dangers of mobile malware since the first Palm Pilot Trojan horse, called Liberty, was reported in 2000, and the first mobile-phone virus, Cabir, was reported in 2004. However, each year, mobile viruses and similar threats have turned out to be a minor concern. In part, this is because there have been far fewer smart mobile(More)
A set of open source technologies is pushing its way into mainstream corporate software development: the LAMP stack, which includes the Linux operating system, Apache Web server, MySQL database, and scripting languages Perl, PHP, and Python. LAMP offers lower costs, greater flexibility, and faster improvements in the component technologies.
Business intelligence has long offered the promise of letting companies gather, store, access, and analyze huge amounts of data so that they can make better decisions regarding customers, suppliers, employees, logistics, and infrastructure. BI systems frequently have been unable to get results to users in a timely manner because of component and(More)