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There are many more machines - defined as things with mechanical, electrical, or electronic properties - in the world than people. And a growing number of machines are networked. Harbor Research, a technology consultancy and analysis firm, estimates that by 2010, at least 1.5 billion devices will be Internet-connected worldwide. The increasingly popular(More)
In the past, two key storage technologies, hard drives and flash chips, each had distinct uses. The bigger-selling hard drive technology was used in machines requiring high storage volumes, such as servers, PCs, laptops, and even digital music players. Flash memory was used in machines that needed less storage capacity, such as digital cameras, cell phones,(More)
By its very nature, Web 2.0 is interactive, allowing users to add input such as participatory book reviews, blogs, wikis, social net works, and video- and photo sharing services to Web sites. Web 2.0 has consequently become very popular with users and Web site operators. However, the approach's interactivity has also made it popular with hackers. This paper(More)
Business intelligence has long offered the promise of letting companies gather, store, access, and analyze huge amounts of data so that they can make better decisions regarding customers, suppliers, employees, logistics, and infrastructure. BI systems frequently have been unable to get results to users in a timely manner because of component and(More)
However, these security methods have important weaknesses—they can be lost, stolen, forged, or forgotten. Biometric technology would change security and access control by providing systems that recognize us by our biological or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, facial characteristics , and speech patterns. A biometric security(More)
The amount of power used to drive the world's computing-related infrastructure - including PCs, servers, data centers, routers, and switches - has been growing rapidly. Complicating this situation has been the increasing amount of heat that higher-performing systems generate. In response, manufacturers have had to add cooling systems, which use still more(More)