George Lampropoulos

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The integration of existing cellular systems with new wireless access technologies, such as wireless LANs, has attracted considerable attention during the past few years. The challenges to be addressed include authentication, security, QoS support and mobility management. Efficient mobility management, and especially handover management, is considered as(More)
A shotgun pellet is depicted in the present image in a carotid artery under the intima, which remained intact without local complications for up to six months. There is lack of data regarding the natural history of such a carotid pellet, but the experience from the myocardium is that, in the absence of infection, completely embedded missiles are usually(More)
Heterogeneous networks combine different access technologies. An important problem in such networks is the selection of the most suitable radio access network. To perform this task efficiently, a lot of information is required, such as signal strength, QoS, monetary cost, battery consumption, and user preferences. These are well known issues and a(More)