George Lampropoulos

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The integration of existing cellular systems with new wireless access technologies, such as wireless LANs, has attracted considerable attention during the past few years. The challenges to be addressed include authentication, security, QoS support and mobility management. Efficient mobility management, and especially handover management, is considered as(More)
he mobile Internet technology and its related applications and services have progressed greatly in the past few years, and now we see many tiny terminals with integrated multifunction chips in the market. However, at the same time we observe a kind of separation between the technology development and the common Internet applications customers usually use.(More)
The scarce available bandwidth and the unpredictable, variable bit rate traffic in modern packet-switched wireless LANs, require an efficient channel allocation scheme. In this paper we make an overview of traditional call-by-call Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) methods and propose a novel DCA method that aims at assigning channels in a more dynamic way,(More)
This paper uses RADARSAT-2 quad Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) and TerraSAR-X dual polarimetric SAR data to monitor agriculture crop growth stages. Two RADARSAT-2 Fine Quad Wide (FQW) beam modes FQ2W and FQ10W, each with 5 sets of data and 13 sets of Stripmap TerraSAR-X data were used in the study. Both RADARSAT-2 POLSAR data and TerraSAR-X(More)