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A number of systems have been developed for dynamic information flow control (IFC). In such systems, the security policy is expressed by labeling input and output channels, it is enforced by tracking and checking labels on data. Systems have been proven to enforce some form of noninterference (NI), formalized as a property of two runs of the program. In(More)
When students first learn programming, they often rely on a simple operational model of a program's behavior to explain how particular features work. Because such models build on their earlier training in algebra, students find them intuitive, even obvious. Students learning type systems, however, have to confront an entirely different notation with a(More)
— Thesis Committee — Committee member (print) Signature Date Committee member (print) Signature Date Committee member (print) Signature Date Thesis/Research Advisor (print) Signature Date Chief Academic Officer (print) Signature Date To my wife Namhee, and to my parents. ABSTRACT Software products evolve over time. Sometimes they evolve by adding new(More)
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