George Kastrinakis

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A population of 2,075 young men aged 18–25 years selected from the conscripts of the Greek Air Force performed an antisaccade task as part of a prospective study for the identification of risk factors in the development of psychoses. The aim of this study, which is ongoing, is to follow this population and investigate the possible predictive value of(More)
Antisaccade performance was investigated in a sample of 2,006 young males as part of a large epidemiological study investigating psychosis proneness. This report summarizes the effects of task parameters on performance using a sample of 55,678 antisaccade trials collected from a subpopulation of 947 individuals. Neither the amplitude nor the latency of an(More)
Nine healthy subjects performed 2D pointing movements using a joystick that controlled a screen cursor. Continuous visual feedback was provided until movement completion. Three variables were systematically manipulated: (1) target distance, (2) target size and (3) target direction. A four-way factorial ANOVA was used to analyze the effects of these fixed(More)
Linked Data resources change over time in terms of both content and relationships among them. Resources in a dataset might be frequently inserted, deleted, updated, and linked to other resources. Datasets are consumed in a lot of useful applications that would benefit from real-time notifications when data changes in RDF data stores. sparqlPuSH describes a(More)
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