George Kargas

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Thirty-one observers (five radiologists, five radiology residents, and 21 nonradiologists) examined low-contrast images of 13 polyvinylchloride cylinders. Image density ranged from 1.91 to 2.05 OD units with a background density of 2.09 OD units. The experiment tested visual performance under various clinically relevant lighting conditions by asking the(More)
A deletion of the long arm of chromosome 9(pter----q32:) in a newborn infant at 38 weeks of gestation was associated with a syndrome of arrhinencephaly, rudimentary ears, hypoplastic lungs and ureters, redundant nuchal skin folds, and congenital heart defects. Other findings included a Sydney line, macrocephaly, talipes equinovarus, oligohydramnios, and(More)
In spite of the well-known green roof benefits, their widespread adoption in the management practices of urban drainage systems requires the use of adequate analytical and modelling tools. In the current study, green roof runoff modeling was accomplished by developing, testing, and jointly using a simple conceptual model and a physically based numerical(More)
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