George K. Anastassopoulos

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Region of interest (ROI) coding is one of the innovative functionalities supported by JPEG2000. It enables a non-uniform distribution of the available bit budget (i.e. image quality) between a selected region (ROI) and the rest of the image (background). This is achieved by appropriate scaling of the background wavelet coefficients. Two different methods(More)
Apoptosis-related proteins play an important role in lymphoma cell death during chemotherapy. In our study, we investigated the prognostic significance of CD95, BCL2, and P53 expression in extranodal non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). We examined 71 patients with extranodal NHL [45 diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCLs) and 26 mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue(More)
Multiprotocol medical imaging communication through the Internet is more flexible than the tight DICOM transfers. This paper introduces a modular multiprotocol teleradiology architecture that integrates DICOM and common Internet services (based on web, FTP, and E-mail) into a unique operational domain. The extended WADO service (a web extension of DICOM)(More)
This paper presents the design and development of an application on Electrocardiogram (ECG) management area. This application makes possible the receiving, processing, storing, and retrieving ECG data. The ECG data are recorded with digital ECG devices (carts) constructed by various manufacturers and are transmitted to the telemedicine services workstations(More)
The WCL-Viewer is an integrated medical information system with beneficial features regarding any prior implemented system up to present. It is a computer system infrastructure capable of storing, retrieving, transporting, displaying and printing medical images. It features admissions, discharge and transfer of data, hence the benefit for data validation(More)
Next generation wireless and wireline communication technologies for healthcare applications and services is a new and growing field to facilitate reliable, innovative, person-alized, and high-quality healthcare applications and services. Advances in networking infrastructures (e.g., HSxPA/ WiMax/LTE) are important in order to deliver healthcare(More)
Intensive care electronic registries have been instrumental in quality measurement, improvement, and assurance of intensive care. In this article, the development and pilot implementation of the Intensive Care Unit Quality Management Registry are described, with a particular focus on monitoring the quality and operational cost in an adult ICU at a northern(More)
The role of leptin during the progression of osteoporosis was investigated in ovariectomized rats by correlation of serum leptin levels with N-telopeptide of collagen type I (NTx) and osteocalcin levels before ovariectomy and 20, 40 and 60 days after the operation. Furthermore, peripheral quantitative computed tomography was used to confirm the development(More)
Plain radiographs used in clinical practice in order to investigate the presence of intraperitoneal free air are equalized via a novel fuzzy equalization technique. Fuzzy segmentation of the image is performed according to the proposed procedure. The resulting regions of the image share overlapping boundaries as dictated by the shape of the valleys in the(More)
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