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This paper describes an innovative combined methodology of quantitative and qualitative techniques applied in the manufacturing of an industrial mobile press machine for building elements production. In particular, at the design stage of the press machine, structural calculations are carried out and implemented using AutoCAD®, in conjunction with MATLAB®(More)
—Video surveillance and monitoring more than a decade now remains a big challenge. Today is becoming more and more vital due to rapid development of hardware equipments as well as the software methods that support intelligent monitoring and analytics. This paper proposes the architecture of a FPGA design of a camera controller for surveillance that could be(More)
Today, the use of computer-based systems for industrial process control is growing rapidly. The growing demand for efficient performance and flexibility in industrial systems makes control algorithm design an increasingly complex process. In this research work we address the problem of determining and establishing the most effective control of linear and(More)
This paper presents innovative manufacturing and control procedures applied in the design, construction and operation, of a mobile hydraulic press machine (RoboPress). The research demonstrates how the design of an automated mobile manufacturing system can be optimized through using qualitative modeling and simulation from artificial intelligence.