George Johnson

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The Kabat Database was initially started in 1970 to determine the combining site of antibodies based on the available amino acid sequences at that time. Bence Jones proteins, mostly from human, were aligned, using the now-known Kabat numbering system, and a quantitative measure, variability, was calculated for every position. Three peaks, at positions(More)
BACKGROUND Dental caries remains one of the most common chronic diseases of adolescents. In Australia there have been few epidemiological studies of the caries experience of adolescents with most surveys focusing on children. The New South Wales (NSW) Teen Dental Survey 2010 is the second major survey undertaken by the Centre for Oral Health Strategy. The(More)
BACKGROUND The Local Government Area of Gosford implemented a water fluoridation scheme in 2008. Therefore the opportunity was taken to record the dental health of primary school children aged 5-7 years prior to the fluoridation and compare the results with other communities in NSW with different access to fluoridated water. The aim was to compare the oral(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a rural clinical placement on students' self-perceived clinical skills and work location choice post-graduation. METHODS A one month rural placement program was introduced in 2008-2009 for 4(th) year dental undergraduates. Student's views on the rural exercise were collected by pre and post self-completion(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract A comparison is made between some of the framework used to discuss paleoceanography and parallel situations in modern physical oceanography. A main inference is that too often the paleo literature aims to rationalize why a(More)
This paper uses international microeconomic data to document the existenc e of an inverse relation between workers' pay and the local rate of unemployment . This relation, or wage curve, is estimated for regions using data for Brit-which appeal to a bargaining approach without any explicit regiona l modeling. The papers give cross-sectional results for(More)
Contact: Rheumatoid factors are auto-antibodies which bind the Fc portion of autologous immunoglobulin G molecules. Since the etiology of the production of such auto-antibodies is unclear, we try to match the amino acid and nucleotide sequences of their heavy chain third complementarity determining (CDRH3) and fourth framework (FRH4) regions to(More)
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