George John Shepherd

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The Brazilian Atlantic Forest (sensu lato) is constituted by Dense Ombrophilous Forest, Mixed Ombrophilous Forest and Seasonal Semideciduous Forest, in which tree species are distributed in gradients, whichever latitude, longitude, or altitude is considered. We investigated whether herb species living on the floor of these forests would have the same(More)
Comparing species richness among assemblages using sample units: why not use extrapolation methods to standardize different sample sizes? – Oikos 101: 398– 410. Comparisons of species richness among assemblages using different sample sizes may produce erroneous conclusions due to the strong positive relationship between richness and sample size. A current(More)
Pollinarium removal and pollinium insertion of seven Oxypetalum species (O. alpinum var. alpinum, O. appendiculatum, O. banksii subsp. banksii, O. jacobinae, O. mexiae, O. pachyglossum and O. subriparium) were recorded in Viçosa. Minas Gerais. They presented a tendency of one or two pollinarium removals and one pollinium insertion (single insertion), except(More)
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