George John Shepherd

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Floral visitors of seven species of Oxypetalum were registered in Viçosa, State of Minas Gerais. O. appendiculatum, O. banksii subsp, banksii, O. alpinumn var. alpinum and O. pachyglossum are pollinated by wasps, being Polybia ignobilis (Vespidae) a pollinator of these four species. It seems that P ignobilis promotes interspecific pollinations mainly(More)
Three known and two new diterpenes were isolated from the ethyl acetate extract of Hymenaea courbaril var. stilbocarpa seed pods. One of the compounds was elucidated as (5R*,8S*,9S*,10R*)-cleroda-3,13E-dien-15-oic acid and the other was elucidated, after treatment with diazomethane, as methyl (5S*,8S*,9S*,10R*)-cleroda-3,13E-dien-15-oate. The known(More)
The chemical composition of floral volatiles of sixteen species of Clusia (Guttiferae) belonging to four different taxonomic sections of the genus was investigated. The volatiles were extracted from fresh petals by microhydrodistillation and analysed by GC/MS. The composition of the volatiles was in part, but not always, related to the taxonomic position of(More)
The Brazilian Atlantic Forest (sensu lato) is constituted by Dense Ombrophilous Forest, Mixed Ombrophilous Forest and Seasonal Semideciduous Forest, in which tree species are distributed in gradients, whichever latitude, longitude, or altitude is considered. We investigated whether herb species living on the floor of these forests would have the same(More)
Comparing species richness among assemblages using sample units: why not use extrapolation methods to standardize different sample sizes? – Oikos 101: 398– 410. Comparisons of species richness among assemblages using different sample sizes may produce erroneous conclusions due to the strong positive relationship between richness and sample size. A current(More)
Morphometric analyses of vegetative and floral characters were conducted in 21 populations of five Pleurothallis (Orchidaceae) species occurring in Brazilian 'campo rupestre' vegetation. A phylogenetic analysis of this species group was also carried out using nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2). Results of the ordination and(More)
"Carrasco" is a closed, tall-shrubby, xerophilous vegetation on Quartz Sand soils between altitudes of 700 and 900 m on Ibiapaba and Araripe plateaus in the Brazilian semi-arid domain. As it is still very poorly known, this paper aims to describe the structure and composition of the woody community and its spatial variation in relation to the soil.(More)
Pollinarium removal and pollinium insertion of seven Oxypetalum species (O. alpinum var. alpinum, O. appendiculatum, O. banksii subsp. banksii, O. jacobinae, O. mexiae, O. pachyglossum and O. subriparium) were recorded in Viçosa. Minas Gerais. They presented a tendency of one or two pollinarium removals and one pollinium insertion (single insertion), except(More)
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