George Jandieri

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Statistical characteristics of scattered electromagnetic waves by turbulent magnetized plasma slab with electron density and magnetic field fluctuations are considered via the perturbation method and boundary conditions. Magnetic field fluctuates both in magnitude and direction. Analytical expressions for the component of scattered electric field,(More)
Using an analogy method the frequencies of new modes of the electromagnetic planetary-scale waves (with a wavelength of 103 km or more), having a weather forming nature, are found at different ionospheric altitudes. This method gives the possibility to determine spectra of ionospheric electromagnetic perturbations directly from the dynamic equations without(More)
A problem of propagation of very long planetary waves in the upper atmosphere of the Earth is investigated. A new exact solution of the magnetohydrodynamics equations of the ionosphere in the spherical coordinate system is found taking into account the Earth’s rotation and geomagnetic field. The general dispersion equation for the planetary waves in the E(More)
Paper considers some aspects of the relationship between scintillation level of scattered radiation and anisotropic plasma irregularities in the collision turbulent magnetized plasma. Analytical calculations have been carried out using modify smooth perturbation method taking into account both diffraction effects and polarization coefficients of both(More)
Statistical characteristics of multiply scattered electromagnetic waves in turbulent magnetized plasma with both electron density and external magnetic field fluctuations are considered. Analytical expression for phase fluctuations of scattered radiation is derived using the smooth perturbation method. Correlation and wave structure functions of the phase(More)
Statistical characteristics of radio waves scattered in the turbulent ionospheric plasma are investigated analytically by modify perturbation method taking into account both polarization coefficients and diffraction effects of both ordinary and extraordinary waves. Numerical investigations are carried out for anisotropic Gaussian correlation function(More)
Features of spatial power spectrum (SPS) of scattered radiation in a randomly inhomogeneous medium with strongly prolated anisotropic inhomogeneities of dielectric permittivity are investigated. In single scattering approximation, it has been shown that a pronounced gap along a direction of prolate inhomogeneities appears in SPS. Features of SPS of multiple(More)