George J. Svet-Moldavsky

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Evidence is presented below that normal human sera contain a potent non-dialyzable factor inducing abundant giant fat cells in human bone marrow culture, normal as well as CML. Media with 20% heated (56 degrees C) human serum induce during 7-14 days almost complete monolayer of fat cells on the bottom of the plastic flasks or dishes. Fetal bovine sera do(More)
Normal mice and mice with advanced leukemia were injected IP with cytosine arabinoside (araC) on a lethal treatment schedule. The simultaneous oral administration of deoxycytidine (CdR) in dose 2–3 times as high as those of araC prevented drug-related death of the animals. Although CdR protected myelo-and erythropoiesis in the bone marrow of normal mice(More)
Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) was oncogenic for the following nine species of reptiles representing 6 families from Chelonia and Squamata orders: family of Testudinidae: 1. Testudo horsfieldi, family Agamidae: 2. Agama sanguinolenta; 3. Agama erythrogastra, family Lacertidae: 4. Eremias persica; 5. Eremias velox; 6. Eremias grammica, family Scincidae: 7. Eumeces(More)