George J. Knafl

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OBJECTIVE This paper reports development of the Family Management Measure (FaMM) of parental perceptions of family management of chronic conditions. METHOD By telephone interview, 579 parents of children age 3 to 19 with a chronic condition (349 partnered mothers, 165 partners, 65 single mothers) completed the FaMM and measures of child functional status(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe electronic monitoring device (EMD) (e.g., MEMS caps) use among HIV-infected adults enrolled in a randomized clinical trial and to make explicit some of the benefits and caveats of using electronic monitoring device technology. This is a descriptive, exploratory study of EMD use among 128 HIV-infected adults treated(More)
Existence conditions are given for maximum likelihood parameter estimates for several commonly employed twoparameter software reliability models. For these models, the maximum likelihood equations can be expressed in terms of a single equation in one unknown. Bounds are given on solutions to these single equation problems to serve as initial. intervals for(More)
BACKGROUND Health literacy deficits affect half of the US overall patient population, especially the elderly, and are linked to poor health outcomes among noncancer patients. Yet little is known about how health literacy affects cancer populations. The authors examined the relation between health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and health literacy among men(More)
Outcome measurements from members of the same family are likely correlated. Such intrafamilial correlation (IFC) is an important dimension of the family as a unit but is not always accounted for in analyses of family data. This article demonstrates the use of linear mixed modeling to account for IFC in the important special case of univariate measurements(More)
Quantitizing, commonly understood to refer to the numerical translation, transformation, or conversion of qualitative data, has become a staple of mixed methods research. Typically glossed are the foundational assumptions, judgments, and compromises involved in converting disparate data sets into each other and whether such conversions advance inquiry.(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if a particular set of health behaviors of health care providers and African American men (AAM) influence patient satisfaction from the AAM's perspective. This descriptive, correlational study consisted of 505 AAM in North Carolina diagnosed with prostate cancer and enrolled in the North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate(More)
OBJECTIVE This study tested the effects of interpersonal relationships on nurse managers' work engagement and proactive work behavior. BACKGROUND An engaged workforce may help healthcare organizations improve performance. In healthcare, nurse managers are responsible for creating motivating work environments. They also need to be engaged, yet little is(More)