George J. Anders

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Selecting maintenance policy is important for efficient operation of contemporary complex computer systems, when not only reliability, but also financial factors must be taken into consideration. This work presents an approach which is based on the concept of a life curve and discounted cost used to study the effect of equipment aging under different(More)
Markov models are well established technique used widely for modeling equipment deterioration. This work presents an approach where Markov models represent equipment ageing and also incorporate various maintenance activities. Having available some basic model representing both deterioration and maintenance processes it is possible to adjust its parameters(More)
The paper presents a method for adjustments of parameters of Markov models representing ageing equipment. The adjustment procedure begins with some basic model that represents both the equipment ageing and various maintenance activities. The solution of the model gives, among other results, the frequencies of the repair states. These frequencies are also(More)
Frequencies of silver staining nucleolus organizing regions (NORs) have been determined in lymphocytes and fibroblasts from very young and from aged persons. Since silver staining of NORs is associated with activity of ribosomal RNA-genes, we used this approach to investigate a possible inactivation of these genes during aging. Our lymphocyte data are based(More)
The thermal rating of power cables and wiring installations has received much attention since the advent of electricity in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries and today is still the subject of numerous scientific investigations. The first observations on this subject were made while the first electric telegraph systems and distribution lines for(More)
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