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Patients attending a sexually transmitted diseases (STD) clinic were asked to complete the General Health Questionnaire and the Illness Behaviour Questionnaire. Data were collected from 852 patients. One-third of the sample were found to score positively on the GHQ, indicating possible psychological disturbance. Women were more likely than men to score(More)
A survey of psychological disturbance was conducted in a sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinic, using the general health questionnaire, the Crown-Crisp experiential index, and the illness concern questionnaire. Of 381 patients who completed the questionnaire, 158 (43%) had general health questionnaire scores indicating that they were psychiatric cases.(More)
The GMC Survey June 2011 highlighted that trainees in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (BEH-MHT) were dissatisfied with the Trust's handover process. At this time there were no Trust guidelines on handovers. A quality improvement project was developed to create a consistent out of hours handover process and to improve staff satisfaction(More)
BJPSYCH INTERNATIONAL VOLUME 12 NUMBER 1 FEBRUARY 2015 Baillie, D., Hall, C., Hunter, N., et al (2013) Brain gain: the benefits of working as a peer support worker for service users in urban Uganda. Paper presented at the Global Mental Health Conference, September 2013. Available at http://www.centreforglobalmentalhealth.(More)
Psychiatry, associated as it is with social and cultural factors, has undergone profound changes over the last 50 years. Values, attitudes, beliefs and ideology all influence psychiatry. Deinstitutionalisation, the normalization principle, advocacy, empowerment and the recovery model are ideologies that have been closely associated with policy, service(More)
Τhe empowerment of patients is a key aspect of professionalism in psychiatry. The sensitive, accurate and timely imparting of information is one of the highest expectations that patients and carers have of health-care professionals. In the course of his clinical work in Liaison Psychiatry the author has developed an information leaflet which reflects(More)
A sample of patients attending the clinic of a Department of Genito-Urinary Medicine in London completed The General Health Questionnaire, The Illness Behaviour Questionnaire and The Illness Concern Questionnaire. The doctor whom they consulted was also asked to complete rating scales regarding each patient's level of psychological disturbance. Thirty-eight(More)