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Globally, 800 million people are malnourished. Heavily subsidised farmers in rich countries produce sufficient surplus food to feed the hungry, but not at a price the poor can afford. Even donating the rich world's surplus to the poor would not solve the problem. Most poor people earn their living from agriculture, so a deluge of free food would destroy(More)
Agriculture has determined that the publication of this periodical is necessary in the transaction of public business required by law of this Department. Research and technical articles are peer-reviewed by two anonymous referees, with the assistance of the editorial board. Please see the Guidelines for Authors at the end of the magazine for details about(More)
Seedling morphological quality standards are lacking for bottomland hardwood restoration plantings in the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, USA, which may contribute toward variable restoration success. We measured initial seedling morphology (shoot height, root collar diameter, number of first order lateral roots, fresh mass, and root volume),(More)
A single-crystal lithium niobate dtalon suitable for high-spectral-resolution studies has been operated successfully. This étalon with a 5-cm clear diameter and a gap equivalent to 2 cm in air has been found to have very linear response in wave number as a function of voltage. The combined advantages of adjustment-free operation, linearity in operation, and(More)
Experimental verification of the properties of a spectroscopic device consisting of two etalons coupled by an afocal system, and which behaves as a high-luminosity single-etalon single-aperture Fabry-Perot spectrometer, has been made. These preliminary results, limited by the available equipment, confirm the predicted theoretical properties of the(More)