George Hamer

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Clustering is automated identification of groups of objects based on similarity. In clustering two major research issues are scalability and the requirement of domain knowledge to determine input parameters. Most approaches suggest the use of sampling to address the issue of scalability. However, sampling does not guarantee the best solution and can cause(More)
New data mining tools and algorithms are available for vertical data mining communities for scalable and efficient data mining to discover the hidden nuggets from huge repositories of data. Most of the traditional data mining algorithms do not scale on these huge datasets. This is due to insufficient computational resources, currently available on a single(More)
This paper will propose, plan, model, and investigate the feasibility and cost of utilizing cloud computing (aka Software Platforms) to perform processes on very large sets of binary data. In this case the binary data is the Landsat TM and ETM+ sensor archive. Due to the costs of running trials against processing large datasets, a model will be created that(More)