George H. Williams

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Virtual Reality (VR) has generated much excitement but little formal proof that it is useful. Because VR interfaces are difficult and expensive to build, the computer graphics community needs to be able to predict which applications will benefit from VR. In this paper, we show that users with a VR interface complete a search task faster than users with a(More)
This work extends the metaphor of a see-through interface embodied in Magic LensesTM to 3D environments. We present two new see-through visualization techniques: jlat lenses in 3D and volumetric lenses. We discuss implementation concerns for platforms that have programmer accessible hardware clipping planes and show several examples of each visualization(More)
Exposure to light and darkness can rapidly induce phase shifts of the human circadian pacemaker. A type 0 phase response curve (PRC) to light that has been reported for humans was based on circadian phase data collected from constant routines performed before and after a three-cycle light stimulus, but resetting data observed throughout the entire resetting(More)
Alice is a rapid prototyping system used to create three dimensional graphics simulations like those seen in virtual reality applications. Alice uses an interpreted language called Python as its scripting language to implement user actions. This interactive development environment allows users to explore many more design options than is possible in a(More)
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