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This work extends the metaphor of a see-through interface embodied in Magic Lenses TM to 3D environments. We present two new see-through visualization techniques: flat lenses in 3D and volumetric lenses. We discuss implementation concerns for platforms that have programmer accessible hardware clipping planes and show several examples of each visualization(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) has generated much excitement but little formal proof that it is useful. Because VR interfaces are difficult and expensive to build, the computer graphics community needs to be able to predict which applications will benefit from VR. In this paper, we show that users with a VR interface complete a search task faster than users with a(More)
Human behavioural ecology emerged in the mid-1970s as a result of applying the theory of evolution by natural selection in order to understand human behaviour. Using explicit models to derive hypotheses that are tested with quantitative data primarily drawn from traditional human communities, it offers a natural science of sociocultural diversity. Human(More)
  • Brian K Hall, Gabriel Dover Berkeley, +20 authors Martin Kemp Berkeley
  • 2002
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Alice is a rapid prototyping system used to create three dimensional graphics simulations like those seen in virtual reality applications. Alice uses an interpreted language called Python as its scripting language to implement user actions. This interactive development environment allows users to explore many more design options than is possible in a(More)
We are pleased to present you with the report of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security. You established this Commission by issuing Executive Order 13015 on August 22, 1996 with a charter to study matters involving aviation safety and security, including air traffic control and to develop a strategy to improve aviation safety and(More)
T The light has gone, The air will come, You are a mother, father, daughter, or son, I am with you. A world of peace, Consciousness ceased, The bonds of flesh are being released, I am with you. The unexpected arises, The routine order capsizes, In need of rescue a hero arises, I am with you. The crisis is past, The disease outcast, With strength you ascend,(More)