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In this paper, we present our approach for geographic personalization of a content recommendation system. More specifically, our work focuses on recommending query topics to users. We do this by mining the search query logs to detect trending local topics. For a set of queries we compute their counts and what we call buzz scores, which is a metric for(More)
BACKGROUND Anthracyclines are widely used in the treatment of childhood cancer. One of the well-recognized side-effects of anthracycline therapy is dose-dependent cardiomyopathy that may progress to heart failure (HF) years after completion of cancer-directed therapy. This study will evaluate the efficacy of low-dose beta-blocker (carvedilol) for HF risk(More)
Joint Commission Resources Mission T he mission of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) is to continuously improve the safety and quality of health care in the United States and in the international community through the provision of education, publications, consultation, and evaluation services. Joint Commission Resources educational programs and publications(More)
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