George H Kotti

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The development of modern intensive care units (ICUs) has allowed the survival of patients with advanced illness and injury, although at a cost of substantial infrastructure. Natural disasters and military operations are two common situations that can create critically ill patients in an environment that is austere or has been rendered austere. This has(More)
Serum sickness is a type III hypersensitivity reaction mediated by immune complex deposition with subsequent complement activation, small-vessel vasculitis, and tissue inflammation. Although the overall incidence of serum sickness is declining because of decreased use of heterologous sera and improved vaccinations, rare sporadic cases of serum sickness from(More)
BACKGROUND Current published guidelines on spirometry interpretation suggest an elevated FVC and FEV(1) > 100% of predicted with an obstructive ratio may represent a physiological variant. There is minimal evidence whether this finding can be indicative of symptomatic airways obstruction. METHODS Pulmonary function testing databases for a 4-year period(More)
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