George Groenewold

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What determines remittances – altruism or enlightened self-interest and do remittances trigger additional migration? These two questions are examined empirically in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco for households with family members living abroad. Results show, first, that one cannot clearly pinpoint altruistic or motives of self-interest since each country tells(More)
Who intends to leave Africa and what drives the pressure to emigrate? For four African countries (Ghana, Senegal, Morocco and Egypt) we evaluate the strength of push and pull factors in stating emigration intentions ‘out of Africa’. In general, one can say that the typical potential migrant is young, male, optimistic about attaining a higher living standard(More)
Objectives: Data have been collected on self-rated health using a single question on how individuals rate their health in cross-sectional surveys carried out in a large number of countries. Doubts have been expressed about the validity of this measure and this was the main reason to undertake the current study. Study Design: Data of 21 cross-sectional(More)
Are remittances determined by altruism or enlightened self-interest, and do they trigger additional migration? In this paper these two questions are examined empirically in relation to data from Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco for households with family members living abroad. It is shown, firstly, that one cannot argue exclusively either for altruism or(More)
Four population scenarios were derived that describe indicators of demographic behaviour for people living in different future political-economic contexts. This policy paper explores future trends in i) population growth at regional and national levels, ii) working age populations, in view of demographic dividend potential, and iii) elderly populations, in(More)
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