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Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving information technology (IT) phenomenon. Rather than procure, deploy and manage a physical IT infrastructure to host their software applications, organizations are increasingly deploying their infrastructure into remote, virtualized environments, often hosted and managed by third parties. This development has significant(More)
Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box and SugarSync have been embraced by both individuals and organizations. This creates an environment that is potentially conducive to security breaches and malicious activities. The investigation of these cloud environments presents new challenges for the digital forensics community. It is anticipated that(More)
1 Cloud computing is quickly becoming pervasive in today's globally integrated networks. The cloud offers organizations opportunities to potentially deploy software and data solutions that are accessible through numerous mechanisms, in a multitude of settings, at a reduced cost with increased reliability and scalability. The increasingly pervasive and(More)
1 In today " s globally networked environment, information security incidents can inflict staggering financial losses on organizations. Industry reports indicate that fundamental problems exist with the application of current linear plan-driven security incident response approaches being applied in many organizations. Researchers argue that traditional(More)
1 As the distinction between personal and organizational device usage continues to blur, the combination of applications that interact increases the need to investigate potential security issues. Although security and forensic researchers have been able to recover a variety of artifacts, empirical research has not examined a suite of application artifacts(More)
Mission critical software is often required to comply with multiple regulations, standards or policies. Recent paradigms, such as cloud computing, also require software to operate in heterogeneous, highly distributed, and changing environments. In these environments, compliance requirements can vary at runtime and traditional compliance management(More)
1 Industrial reports indicate that security incidents continue to inflict large financial losses on organizations. Researchers and industrial analysts contend that there are fundamental problems with existing security incident response process solutions. This paper presents the Security Incident Response Criteria (SIRC) which can be applied to a variety of(More)
1 There is a growing demand for cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, Syncplicity and SugarSync. These public cloud storage services can store gigabytes of corporate and personal data in remote data centres around the world, which can then be synchronized to multiple devices. This creates an environment which is potentially conducive to security(More)
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