George Gonzalez

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In molecular biology research, looking for information on a particular entity such as a gene or a protein may lead to thousands of articles, making it impossible for a researcher to individually read these articles and even just their abstracts. Thus, there is a need to curate the literature to get various nuggets of knowledge, such as an interaction(More)
Tumors metastatic to the leptomeninges are often incurable despitecurrent aggressive treatment modalities. Regional therapy by intrathecaladministration of monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) can maximize theirconcentration to tumor sites while reducing systemic toxicities.Anti-GD2 antibody 3F8 has successfully targeted humanneuroectoderm derived tumors.(More)
Testing is an essential but often under-utilized area of software engineering. A variety of software testing techniques have been developed to effectively identify bugs in source code, yet these techniques are not always fully employed in practice. There are numerous reasons for this, including the difficulty in mastering the complexity of managing all of(More)
Testing is one of the five main technical activity areas of software engineering. Most students are introduced to testing as part of an overview course on software engineering fundamentals. A few students are fortunate to learn more about the topic in specialized courses that focus on aspects of traditional software testing, such as black-box and white-box(More)
In this paper we make a critical revision of the state of art in automatic speech processing as applied to Air Traffic Control. We present the development of a new ATC speech understanding system comparing its performance and advantages to previously published experiences. The system has innovative solutions such as detecting the Air/Ground language spoken(More)
In this paper, we present an evaluation of end user low power design techniques. They have been applied to a space-certified microprocessor system. The results demonstrate the efficacy of some straightforward low power design techniques. Some system-level design rules to save power even in a highly optimized microprocessor are obtained. Power reduction of(More)
This study aim to determine the proportion of traffic rule infractions in Cali, Colombia, in places where a road traffic injury (RTI) occurred. Description of videotaping of sites where a person was injured in an RTI in 2009. Counts of road users and infractions were established for each road user group and were compared using a Z-test. They were found(More)