George Goguadze

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ActiveMath is a generic web-based learning system that dynamically generates interactive (mathematical) courses adapted to the student’s goals, preferences, capabilities, and knowledge. The content is represented in an semantic xml-based format. For each user, the appropriate content is retrieved from a knowledge base and the course is generated(More)
Although it may seem that mathematics education material does not need any enculturation, the opposite is true. We report the results of a case study in several European countries and describe the different dimensions in which mathematics educational material has to be adapted to the cultural context of the learner. We describe the knowledge representation(More)
Personalized tutoring feedback is a powerful method that expert human tutors apply when helping students to optimize their learning. Thus, research on tutoring feedback strategies tailoring feedback according to important factors of the learning process has been recognized as a promising issue in the field of computer-based adaptive educational(More)
Among other applications of educational data mining, evaluation of student models is essential for an adaptive educational system. This paper describes the evaluation of a Bayesian model of student misconceptions in the domain of decimals. The Bayesian model supports a remote adaptation service for an Intelligent Tutoring System within a project focused on(More)
ACTIVEMATH is an open web-based learning environment for mathematics. It dynamically generates interactive mathematical courses adapted to the student's goals, preferences, capabilities, and knowledge. The content authored for ACTIVEMATH is represented in an extended OMDoc which in turn is an extension of the OpenMath XML-language. ACTIVEMATH is the first(More)
We investigate whether erroneous examples in the domain of fractions can help students learn from common errors of other students presented in a computer-based system. Presenting the errors of others could spare students the embarrassment and demotivation of confronting their own errors. We conducted lab and school studies with students of different grade(More)