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nternet Computing's editor in chief Charles Petrie caught up with George Gilder at his office in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts on December 9, 1996 to talk about technology trends in the industry. Gilder is well known for his wide-ranging analysis of high technology. In his best-selling work, Microcosm (1989), he explored the quantum roots of the(More)
Internet provides the backdrop for an important technical controversy in the domain of telecommunications. Like all good technical controversies , this one is political as well. The controversy is interesting to computer scientists because it helps focus our thinking on system design and evolution, and because it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the(More)
1. Introduction This paper examines the prospects and limits of policies towards the networks and technologies enabling knowledge-based societies. The past decades of restructuring have increased the performance of the information and communication infrastructure and contributed to the proliferation and nearly ubiquitous availability of networks. However,(More)
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