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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Susan Goethel Campbell’s exhibition Field Guide explores the nature of art and the conceptual process through a multimedia installation that also reflects upon temporality, art history, ecology and
The Sixth Extinction
I must admit when I first saw the title of this book, I was a little skeptical as to whether anything much “new” could be said about poetry and poetics, especially in respect to an analysis of how
Green Light: Toward an Art of Evolution
Humans have bred plants and animals with an eye to aesthetics for centuries: flowers are selected for colorful blossoms or luxuriant foliage; racehorses are prized for the elegance of their frames.
Notes on Genetic Art
Genetic Art is art involving DNA. Domesticated ornamental plants, pets, sporting animals and consciousness-altering drug plants constitute a vast, unacknowledged genetic folk art Some earth art and
Gathered from Coincidence: Reflections on Art in a Time of Global Warming
ABSTRACT How will global warming affect art? The author proposes that the effects will be continuous with other human-caused threats to civilization such as nuclear weapons. Such threats have already
Flowers of Human Presence: Effects of Esthetic Values on the Evolution of Ornamental Plants
The author explains how esthetic values have affected the evolution of ornamental plants. In this century, ornamental plant breeders have come to have pervasive influence upon urban environments by
The Rainforests of Domestication: Ornamental Gardens as Sites of Maximum Genetic Diversity among Domesticated Plants
The common view of plant domestication is that it is a utilitarian phenomenon accomplished long ago. However, this view is false. The overwhelming majority of domesticated species are grown only for
The Molecular Gaze