George Georgiev

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Does board composition matter for corporate decisions? In this paper, we focus on the effect of financial expertise, a requirement considered in regulatory proposals. We use a novel data set on board composition covering 288 companies over 14 years. We find that financial experts significantly affect corporate decisions, but mainly in the interest of their(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Pancreatectomy with autologous islet transplantation has slowly been proving to be an effective way of treating chronic pancreatitis while lessening the effects of the concomitant surgical diabetes of pancreatectomy alone. Assessing patient quality of life and pain after the procedure is particularly important as intractable pain is(More)
In this paper we present analysis and solutions to problems related to initial positioning of neurons in a classic self-organizing map (SOM) neural network. This means that we are not concerned with the multitude of growing variants, where new neurons are placed where needed. For our work, we consider placing the neurons on a Hilbert curve, as SOM have the(More)
This paper presents an oscillatory model of the olfactory bulb. The model involves the two main types of cells in the olfactory bulb, the mitral and granule cells. They are arranged in an array of coupled non-linear oscillators. We simulated the behavior of the bulb in response to different odors as well as to an artificial impulse. This impulse corresponds(More)
One of the major industrial uses of lipases is as active agent in bio-based washing formulations. Current methods to improve lipase stability in detergent formulations usually entail a decrease in the enzymatic activity, thus lowering the general performance of the detergent. This work proposes an alternative approach for enzyme stabilization and activity(More)
The effect of boron (B) deficiency on cell permeability and connected with that, changes in soluble sugars, amino acids and ureides partitioning between root and nodule apoplast and symplast of N2 fixing soybean plants grown in water culture were studied. Exposure of a transient 10 -day B deficiency stress was found to inhibit nodule number and to increase(More)