George Garas

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BACKGROUND Determining the stage of fibrosis by liver biopsy is important in managing patients with hepatitis C virus infection. We investigated the predictive value of the proprietary FibroTest score to accurately identify significant fibrosis in Australian hepatitis C patients. METHODS Serum obtained from 125 confirmed hepatitis C patients before(More)
BACKGROUND Energy-based hemostatic devices are increasingly being used in thyroid surgery. However, there are several limitations with regard to the existing evidence and a paucity of guidelines on the subject. The goal of this review is to employ the novel evidence synthesis technique of a network meta-analysis to assess the comparative effectiveness of(More)
UNLABELLED Abstract Background and Aim: The presence of four or more amino acid substitutions within the interferon sensitivity determining region (ISDR) of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1b NS5A gene determines sensitivity to interferon (IFN) monotherapy in Japanese patients. Resistance of HCV genotype 1 to IFN-alpha has been attributed to the(More)
Acute graft-versus-host disease following orthotopic liver transplantation is a rare but feared complication arising in 1% to 2% of cases with a dismal prognosis. It most often presents as fever, rash, and diarrhea with or without pancytopenia. Patients die from complications of marrow failure such as sepsis or bleeding. Because of its low incidence, there(More)
A best evidence topic was written according to a structured protocol. The question addressed was whether in patients with retrosternal goitre the need for a thoracic approach can be predicted using pre-operative CT. A total of 381 papers were identified using the reported search protocol of which 7 represented the best evidence to answer the clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION Transaxillary robotic thyroid surgery was pioneered in South Korea where cultural factors, anthropometry and remuneration favour this. Small thyroid nodules account for the majority of cases due to a national thyroid cancer screening programme. However, the technique has not been evaluated in the United Kingdom where larger thyroid nodules tend(More)
An 89-year-old woman with a known hiatus hernia presented to the accident and emergency department with acute onset epigastric pain. CT of the thorax and abdomen revealed a large hiatus hernia with mesentero-axial volvulus but no evidence of strangulation. A large aneurysmal aortic arch and descending aorta were visible with associated mural thrombus. As(More)
BACKGROUND Routine intra-operative cholangiography (IOC) during laparoscopic cholecystectomy is often not performed because of increased operative time, radiation, and failure rate. Laparoscopic ultrasound (LUS) is a less invasive alternative but studies comparing it to IOC have been of small sample size. This study aims to assess the diagnostic accuracy of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) is now the accepted therapy for end-stage chronic liver disease. Long-term survival is now expected in the majority of patients and, consequently, disease recurrence has emerged as a major concern. Our aim was to document the rate of disease recurrence after liver transplantation for conditions other(More)
OBJECTIVES A generalised transient improvement may follow intra-articular administration of glucocorticoids to patients with inflammatory arthropathy. This may represent a systemic anti-inflammatory effect of glucocorticoid released from the joint, mediated through processes such as altered leucocyte trafficking or suppressed release of pro-inflammatory(More)