George G. McBride

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The results of surgical decompression (SD) in 59 patients with neurologic deficits secondary to thoracic or lumbar fractures were evaluated at a mean of 3.7 years after injury. The purpose was to determine whether SD could be correlated with subsequent neurologic outcome. Follow-up neurologic evaluations showed a greater neurologic improvement in the 20(More)
Isolated lateral retinacular release was performed on 102 knees in 76 patients. Diagnoses included chondromalacia patellae, patellar compression syndrome, and subluxation and dislocation of the patella. Patients reported that their symptoms improved after isolated lateral retinacular release in 95 of 102 knees. At follow-up evaluation (mean, 14.5 months(More)
Twenty-eight cases of sternal fractures and/or dislocations were reviewed for the presence of associated spinal injury. Patient records and radiographs were studied. Sixteen cases had inadequate radiographs to rule out spine fracture. Three cases had known direct injuries to the sternum. Of the remaining nine patients, eight had spine fractures. All of the(More)
We reviewed the cases of sixty-three patients who were more than forty years old when they underwent arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy. Thirty-five patients returned for clinical evaluation and another eight were evaluated by questionnaire and telephone interview. Over the thirty-five-month follow-up period, progressive varus deformity and medial(More)
A technique using a vascularized rib pedicle graft and femoral neck allograft is presented as a new method of anterior spine fusion in the treatment of symptomatic post-traumatic kyphosis. The cases of six patients are reviewed who were treated surgically from seven months to 24 years following their initial injury. Substantial neurologic improvement was(More)
Intraoperative forces applied to the spine were measured during the routine application of Harrington instrumentation for correction of scoliosis. This was accomplished by instrumenting the outrigger and distractor with strain gauges. Measurements were obtained in 16 patients undergoing their first operative procedure for scoliosis. Outrigger forces(More)
Four cases of Charcot's spinal arthropathy in patients with complete traumatic paraplegia were diagnosed an average of 12 years (range, 4-22 years) postinjury. Each patient had previous posterior spinal fusion with Harrington instrumentation. The Charcot joint occurred just below the fusion near the thoracolumbar junction and well below the level of spinal(More)
Thirty infected total knee arthroplasties were investigated in 29 patients over an average interval of 42 months. Eleven infections began in the immediate perioperative period. Six developed from postoperative wound-healing problems. The remainder were late infections. Staphylococcus was found in 16 infections, gram-negative agents in five, mixed organisms(More)