George F. List

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To design a transportation sensor network, the decision-maker needs to determine what sensor investments should be made, as well as when, how, where and with what technologies. This paper focuses on locating a limited set of traffic counting stations and automatic vehicle identification readers in a network so as to maximize the expected information gain(More)
Aphasic, non-aphasic brain-damaged, schizophrenic and normal Ss were required to select which of two pictures in each item was indicated by a third picture. The latter was related to the referent not through direct associations but only through a mediator: a homonym -- the name for clue and referent --, a situational association, or a perceptual feature(More)
Hierarchical and overlapping cluster methods were applied to the sortings of aphasic, nonaphasic brain-damaged, schizophrenic, and normal subjects presented with 30 pictures of animals. The hierarchical structure solutions were most diffuse for the groups of the schizophrenics and the fluent aphasics'. The structure for the nonfluent aphasics showed more(More)