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The left-right asymmetry for b quarks, Ab, is precisely predicted by the Weinberg-Salam-Glashow model of particle interactions, now the standard model for high-energy particle physics. As a test of this model, Ab is directly measured at the SLC Large Detector (SLD) by taking advantage of the unique polarized electron beam at the Stanford Linear Collider(More)
A circuit model is presented for Josephson junctions (JJ) that solves the nonlinear long junction equation subject to a nonuniform current distribution. This extended resistively shunted junction (ERSJ) model consists of a parallel array of ideal resistively shunted JJs connected by inductors. The junction array is connected to an array of current sources(More)
A pellet enhanced performance (PEP) mode, showing significantly reduced core transport , is regularly obtained after the injection of deeply penetrating lithium pellets into Alcator C-Mod discharges. These transient modes, which typically persist about two energy confinement times, are characterized by a steep pressure gradient (p <; a/5) in the inner third(More)
Three-component lamellar phase has been investigated which consists of C 12 E 5 , octane and water. This is a layered phase, the lyotropic equivalent of a thermotropic smectic-A phase. X-ray scattering techniques were used on powder and aligned samples , as well as the optical microscopy investigations to understand the structure and the interactions that(More)
Diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA) is a growth model formulated in terms of random walkers. An alternative formulation of DLA is presented based on conformal mappings in two dimensions. As far as one can tell, the two descriptions are equivalent. An analytical renormalization group treatment is presented of this model. The fractal dimension of DLA is(More)
We study substructure in X-ray clusters of galaxies by application of a set of statistics, the power ratios of Buote & Tsai (1995), to a simulated cluster and in the context of a simple analytic model for merger events. The simulation involves a newly developed code for performing high resolution gravity and gas dynamics simulations in cosmological volumes.(More)