George F G Allen

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In this study, we develop a simple assay to identify mitophagy inducers on the basis of the use of fluorescently tagged mitochondria that undergo a colour change on lysosomal delivery. Using this assay, we identify iron chelators as a family of compounds that generate a strong mitophagy response. Iron chelation-induced mitophagy requires that cells undergo(More)
Autophagic turnover of mitochondria, termed mitophagy, is proposed to be an essential quality-control (QC) mechanism of pathophysiological relevance in mammals. However, if and how mitophagy proceeds within specific cellular subtypes in vivo remains unclear, largely because of a lack of tractable tools and models. To address this, we have developed(More)
Lysosomes are essential organelles that function to degrade and recycle unwanted, damaged and toxic biological components. Lysosomes also act as signalling platforms in activating the nutrient-sensing kinase mTOR. mTOR regulates cellular growth, but it also helps to maintain lysosome identity by initiating lysosomal tubulation through a process termed(More)
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