George Engelbeck

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This paper presents a pilot study that addresses the effect that device technology has on the usability of advanced telephone functions. We prototyped telephone systems using three technologies: the current 12-button phone set, the current phone set augmented with speech synthesis, and a phone set augmented with a display and pointing device. The functions(More)
All discussions of interface design criteria emphasize the importance of consistent operating procedures both within and across applications. This paper presents a model for positive transfer and thus a theoretical definition of consistency. An experiment manipulating training orders for utility tasks was designed to evaluate the transfer model. The(More)
Though user-interface researchers and designers give similar definitions for the concept of modes in interactive systems and devices, informal evidence suggests that they don't always agree on whether or not particular interfaces are moded. A survey was conducted to determine the extent to which this is true. The results show that there is widespread(More)
US WEST Advanced Technologies conducted an experiment using the "Wizard-of-Oz" paradigm. We compared a simulated speech recognition interface ("wizard") for a basic voice mail application to functionally similar touch-tone and operator assisted versions. This poster abstract highlights the results of this experiment, focussing on performance times and(More)
A survey of the literature, informal discussions with colleagues, and a pilot version of this survey distributed among immediate colleagues suggests that though researchers and designers may give similar definitions for the concept of "modes" in interactive systems, they don't agree much on whether or not particular systems are moded. This survey is(More)
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