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A control algorithm has been developed and experimentally validated for guiding swarms of robotic vehicles to reflected acoustic energy target locations. The algorithm uses pressure measurements from a sensor on each of the robots. The measurements are cooperatively processed to compute energy flows from which a direction of maximum reflected acoustic(More)
The world recognizes the need for close collaboration in planning between the healthcare system and the post-secondary education system; this has also been advocated in the lead article. Forums and mechanisms to facilitate this collaboration are being implemented from local to global environments. Beyond the focus on competency gaps, there are important(More)
Among key drivers of healthcare reform in Canadian society are the challenges faced by the rapid rate of technological change and its impact on organizational performance in terms of efficiency, costeffectiveness, and innovation in business and operational processes. However, despite the noted significance of the impact of technological change on healthcare(More)
General-purpose business-dataprocessing machines now on the market are limited in their performance mostly by the electronic file systems associated with them. The only file medium that has proved itself acceptable from the standpoint of both cost and speed is magnetic tape. In the quest for better, i.e., faster, cheaper, etc., general-purpose machines, a(More)
Weld procedure development can require extensive experimentation, in-depth process knowledge, and is further complicated by the fact that there are often multiple sets of parameters that will meet the weld requirements. Choosing among these multiple weld procedures can be hastened with computer models that find parameters to meet selected weld dimensional(More)
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