George Efstathopoulos

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This paper is concerned with the problem of antenna array calibration in a non-stationary signal environment. In detail, this study focuses on calibration of the antenna array geometry by employing properties of the differential geometry of the array manifold vector. The proposed algorithm is totally blind, since the only available information to the array(More)
The response of an array processing system has been widely modelled using the concept of the array manifold. The conventional array manifold is a function of the geometry of the array, the carrier frequency and the directions of arrival (DOAs) of the sources only. However, the emergence of more sophisticated array systems, for instance antenna array(More)
This paper is concerned with the study of linear array systems, operating in an asynchronous, multipath/multiple-access environment. In the modeling and analysis of array systems, the array manifold vector is being widely used, providing the spatial information of the signal environment. Recently, because of the inherent limitations of the array manifold to(More)
A number of significant problems, arising frequently in array signal processing, have been successfully tackled using methods based on the concept of the array manifold. These approaches take advantage of the inherent information about the array system which is encapsulated in the geometry of the array manifold. Array ambiguities, array uncertainties, array(More)
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