George Easton

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An ongoing, important question in the operations strategy literature pertains to tradeoffs: Can manufacturers focus on multiple priorities simultaneously or achieve strength on multiple capabilities without sacrificing performance of another? In this paper, we accumulate, integrate, and examine the wide spectrum of conclusions reached in the literature(More)
Recently, we began applying Group support systems (GSS) tools to tasks and groups that are uncharacteristic of the GSS research literature. Instead of using GSS tools on tasks requiring a solution, a decision, or any threshold consensus measure, we examined the potential utility that these tools have in the area of marketing research, specifically with(More)
Recent learning-by-doing research highlights the importance of examining multiple measures of experience and their relationship to the performance of work teams. Our paper studies the role of individual experience, organizational experience, team leader experience, and experience working together on a team (team familiarity) in the context of improvement(More)
This paper reviews the emerging research on the link between Total Quality Management (TQM) and corporate financial performance. While there are an increasing number of academic studies on TQM, few studies focus on empirical assessment of TQM's impact using externally available financial data. We discuss some of the key research issues involved in(More)
There has been a considerable debate among operations strategists concerning whether managers should be advised to focus on only one of the four competitive performance dimensions—quality, delivery, flexibility, or cost. Some operations strategists argue that when a manufacturer attempts to achieve an advantage on more than one of these dimensions at the(More)
The concept of a channel that builds up from subunit molecules by way of aggregation can provide the framework for a unified description of electrical excitability in cell and model membranes at the micro- and macrokinetic level. Monte Carlo simulations of the microkinetics of a subunit channel predict two extreme kinds of gating behavior. Depending on the(More)