George E. Bentley

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The neuropeptide control of gonadotropin secretion is primarily through the stimulatory action of the hypothalamic decapeptide, GnRH. We recently identified a novel hypothalamic dodecapeptide with a(More)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) regulates reproduction in all vertebrates. Until recently, an antagonistic neuropeptide for gonadotropin was unknown. The discovery of an RFamide peptide in(More)
Reproductive activity in sheep is seasonal, being activated by short-day photoperiods and inhibited by long days. During the nonbreeding season, GnRH secretion is reduced by both steroid-independent(More)
In songbirds, singing behavior is controlled by a discrete network of interconnected brain nuclei known collectively as the song control system. Both the development of this system and the expression(More)