George E . White

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This paper presents for the first time the design, implementation, measurements, reliability data and integration of multiple RF components such as filters, baluns, diplexers, and a combination of the above on Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) based substrates for communication standards such as 802.11 a/b/g, LMDWMMDS, sa1,ellitddigital TV, UWB, cellular and(More)
The organization of actin and myosin in vascular endothelial cells in situ was studied by immunofluorescence microscopy. Examination of perfusion-fixed, whole mounts of normal mouse and rat descending thoracic aorta revealed the presence of axially oriented stress fibers containing both actin and myosin within the endothelial cells. In both species, the(More)
Immunofluorescence microscopy was used to determine the number of endothelial cells with stress fibers for three age groups, and for three distinct anatomical locations within the descending thoracic aorta of both normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats. For each age group examined, hypertensive rats consistently demonstrated greater stress fiber(More)
To identify the role of endotoxin responsiveness in grain dust-induced airway disease, we used two models of extotoxin hyporesponsiveness to perform inhalation exposure studies in mice. In the first model, we investigated whether genetic resistance to endotoxin would alter the inflammatory response to inhaled grain dust by comparing the inflammatory(More)
Mutans streptococci (MS) are one of the most virulent cariogenic pathogens in the oral cavity. The effects of three oral hygiene techniques on salivary mutans streptococci levels were evaluated to see which mechanism would be most efficient in reducing salivary MS levels. Sixty patients, all in the permanent dentition, were selected and randomly distributed(More)
In this study a surface penetrating sealant was used around bonded stainless steel orthodontic brackets. The investigation attempted to identify the effect of surface penetrating sealants on the microleakage associated with orthodontic stainless steel brackets bonded with light cured composite resin. A total of 58 bovine teeth were used for this study,(More)
The influence of intimal de-endothelialization on stress fiber expression in regenerating rat and rabbit aortic endothelium was studied using immunofluorescence microscopy. Rat thoracic and abdominal aortae were balloon de-endothelialized, and endothelial cell shape and stress fiber expression was studied in both uninjured and de-endothelialized animals. In(More)