George E. Violettas

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This paper describes the password habits of web users, particularly in Greece. A study was conducted online to ask users questions about the length of the password they use today, in how many web sites they use the same password, whether they use personal data while constructing their passwords and if they ever used as a password some of trivial words. They(More)
The tremendous popularity of mobile computing and Android in particular has attracted millions of developers who see opportunities for building their own start-ups. As a consequence Computer Science students express an increasing interest into the related technology of Java development for Android applications. Android projects are complex by nature and(More)
It is a known fact that Saudis make very heavy use of all types of information technologies, especially smartphone texting and social media socializing. The question is what are the deeper qualities of this behavior and how do they impact the Saudi society overall. This is one part of the study of Social Media impact in Saudi Arabia and is focusing on the(More)
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