George E. Stark

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Requirements are the foundation of the software release process. They provide the basis for estimating costs and schedules as well as developing design and testing specifications. Thus, adding to, deleting from, or modifying existing requirements that have been agreed to by both clients and maintainers during the execution of the software maintenance(More)
The amount of code in NASA systems has continued to grow over the past 30 years. This growth brings with it the increased risk of system failure caused by software. Thus, managing the risks inherent in software development and maintenance is becoming a highly visible and important field. The metrics effort within NASA's Mission Operations Directorate has(More)
Managers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) at the Johnson Space Center wanted to increase their insight into the cost, schedule, and quality of the software-intensive systems maintained for the Space Shuttle programs. We defined and imple-mented a software metrics set that contains thirteen(More)
Software is central to the mission of many NASA systems. It is also a major source of failure. Fortunately, techniques such as best current practice, complexity measurement, fault tolerance, formal methods, and software reliability exist to mitigate the risk of system failure because of software. Unfortunately, these techniques have become disciplines of(More)