George E Pool

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PURPOSE Implantable intrathecal drug delivery systems (IDDSs) have been used to manage refractory cancer pain, but there are no randomized clinical trial (RCT) data comparing them with comprehensive medical management (CMM). PATIENTS AND METHODS We enrolled 202 patients on an RCT of CMM versus IDDS plus CMM. Entry criteria included unrelieved pain (visual(More)
BACKGROUND The randomized clinical trial of implantable drug delivery systems (IDDS) plus comprehensive medical management (CMM) versus CMM alone showed better clinical success at 4 weeks for IDDS patients. This 'as treated' analysis assessed if improvements in pain control, drug toxicity and survival were maintained over time. PATIENTS AND METHODS We(More)
Psychodiagnostic data are reported on 69 heart transplant candidates. Twenty-seven patients actually received a transplantation. A high prevalence of anxiety and depression appeared related to their desperate cardiac status. Distressful symptoms did not predict postoperative psychiatric complications. Reduced coping skills as reflected by diagnoses of(More)
The geographic and seasonal distributions of the pathobiocenoses formed by rabies virus, the biotic provinces of Texas, and skunks, foxes and bats were described using synoptic mapping and enumeration by calendar month. Autocorrelation functions with 95% confidence intervals were calculated for the skunk pathobiocenose for lag periods up to 36 mo in length.(More)
Total THI/Gould LVAS experience includes 59 pneumatically and electrically-actuated blood pump evaluations (in calves, goats and sheep), including 23 studies with the Gould Model V energy converter. This experience has resulted in greater than 8 cumulative years of actuation, in vivo, including electrically-actuated LVAS durations up to 6 mos.