George E. Passey

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Posttraumatic stress disorder, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd ed., rev. and 4th ed.; American Psychiatric Association, 1987, 1994, respectively), is characterized by 17 symptoms, descriptively clustered into 3 groups: (a) intrusions, (b) hyperarousal, and (c) avoidance and numbing. The present study sought to(More)
This report discusses the use of the experimental method as a technique for arriving at solutions to human factors engineering problems encountered in the design of multi-man systems. Of specific concern are the methodological decisions that must be made in the design of the research. Factors that are likely to influence these decisions are considered as(More)
This study was conducted to obtain control data on the performance of three passive tasksauditory vigilance, warning liglhts monitoring, and probability monitorincp--erformed previously in conjunction with ree active tasks. Subjects were tested for 4 urs on each of 6 successive days. A task schedule requiring performance of all six tasks was employed on 2(More)