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Expression of both N-myc and c-myc is induced rapidly and dramatically in normal pre-B cells after stimulation with interleukin-7 (IL-7), a pre-B cell-specific growth factor. These IL-7-induced increases in N-myc and c-myc expression are mediated at the transcriptional level; for N-myc, a major portion of the induction results from release of an attenuation(More)
The surface antigen phenotype of the immediate precursors of clonable B lymphocytes was investigated with conventional alloantisera and monoclonal antibodies directed by B lineage antigens. Ia was demonstrable on B cells, but not their immediate precursors in adult marrow. Adult, but not fetal, B cell precursors were susceptible to lysis with anti-Lyb-2 or(More)
The ability of stromal cells in bone marrow to support B lymphopoiesis may be partially mediated by secretion of biologically active factors. The first cytokine with lymphopoietic activity to be molecularly cloned from stromal cells, IL-7, was originally identified by its growth-promoting activity on long term cultured lymphocytes. We now report that murine(More)
OBJECTIVE Using non-selective and selective protein kinase C (PKC) epsilon and delta isoform inhibitors, we tested the hypothesis that the cardioprotective phenotype invoked by postconditioning (postcon) is dependent on PKC signalling. Furthermore, we determined whether postconditioning alters pPKCepsilon and/or pPKCdelta in cytosolic and mitochondrial(More)
A series of inhibitors of Pim-2 kinase identified by high-throughput screening is described. Details of the hit validation and lead generation process and structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies are presented. Disclosure of an unconventional binding mode for 1, as revealed by X-ray crystallography using the highly homologous Pim-1 protein, is also(More)
OBJECTIVE We prospectively evaluate the safety, morbidity and characteristics of complications for transrectal ultrasound guided needle biopsy of prostate carried out solely by urologists in a single unit. This will help to counsel patient prior to the biopsy. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred consecutive patients were recruited to complete questionnaires(More)
The relative ability of various precursors to generate functional B cells in vivo was assessed by transferring normal, chromosomally-marked CBA/H-T6T6 cells to irradiated or unirradiated immunodeficient CBA/N mice. Emergence of donor-derived B cells was monitored by means of a B-cell cloning assay (in which CBA/N cells are inactive), and by karyotpic(More)
Two monoclonal antibodies, prepared against a murine B lymphoma and characterized as binding to a cell surface antigen represented primarily on cells of the B lineage, were found to bind to human hemopoietic cells. These antibodies recognize similar populations of cells in mice and humans. Antibodies from clones 177.17 and 83.4 bound to 6% of human bone(More)