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We investigate the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of a neutral type difference equation of the form Δ x n cx τ n p n x σ n 0, where τ n is a general retarded argument, σ n is a general deviated argument retarded or advanced , c ∈ R, p n n≥0 is a sequence of positive real numbers such that p n ≥ p, p ∈ R , and Δ denotes the forward difference operator(More)
Consider the first-order advanced difference equation of the form ∇x(n) − p(n)x(µ(n)) = 0, n ≥ 1, [∆x(n) − p(n)x(ν(n)) = 0, n ≥ 0], where ∇ denotes the backward difference operator ∇x(n) = x(n) − x(n − 1), ∆ denotes the forward difference operator ∆x(n) = x(n + 1) − x(n), {p(n)} is a sequence of nonnegative real numbers, and {µ(n)} [{ν(n)}] is a sequence of(More)
Iterative learning control (ILC) is used to control systems that operate in a repetitive mode, improving tracking accuracy of the control by transferring data from one repetition of a task, to the next. In this paper an optimal iterative learning algorithm for discrete linear systems is designed and implemented. The design and implementation that have been(More)