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Design rules and the problem of design rule checking are introduced. The critical problem of design rule checking is the execution time required to check a complete chip. Proposed solutions try to take advantage of hierarchical aspects of a layout. The algorithm presented in this paper proposes a different approach. Observing that design rule checking is a(More)
In this paper, the WISQ architecture is described. This architecture is designed to achieve high performance by exploiting new compiler technology and using a highly segmented pipeline. By having a highly segmented pipeline, a very-high-speed clock can be used. Since a highly segmented pipeline will require relatively long pipelines, a way must be provided(More)
This paper examines the effect of contention for a single shared semaphore protecting critical regions in a multiprocessor operating system on system performance as the number of processors increases. A simple queueing model is used to make predictions as a function of the expected <italic>demand</italic> for the semaphore by each processor. Measurements(More)
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