George D. Price

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Stable isotopic measurements have been made on both planktonic foraminifera and coccolithic matrix of Middle Cretaceous (Late Albian–Cenomanian) age from two Pacific low latitude sites. The degree of alteration of the foraminifera has been assessed through the application of chemical analyses, cathodoluminescence and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The(More)
BACKGROUND Short-term studies suggest that cardiac transplant immunosuppression without maintenance corticosteroids is feasible in selected patients. However, concern exists as to the long-term effects, specifically the possibility of increased morbidity and mortality because of late allograft rejection and allograft coronary artery disease. METHODS We(More)
An apparatus has been assembled which permits storage and injection, at the same flow rate, of air containing human emanations into one port and air containing no emanations into the other port of a dual-port olfactometer, while monitoring the two flows for differences in temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide level. Results of bioassays so(More)
S U M M A R Y We model the thermal evolution of the core and mantle using a parametrized convection scheme, and calculate the entropy available to drive the geodynamo as a function of time. The cooling of the core is controlled by the rate at which the mantle can remove heat. Rapid core cooling favours the operation of a geodynamo but creates an inner core(More)
To assess whether children fathered by cardiac transplant recipients are at high risk of teratogenicity, cardiac transplant centers listed with the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation were surveyed. Paternities after transplantation by heart (n = 35) and heart-lung (n = 1) allograft recipients have resulted in 42 pregnancies (children's(More)
The structure and elastic properties of MgSiOa, a major mantle-forming phase, have been simulated using computer models which predict the minimum energy structure by using interatomic pair potentials to describe the net forces acting between the atoms. Four such interatomic potentials were developed in this study, and are compared with potential NI of(More)
We have prospectively monitored 268 patients by our previously described method of routine immunofluorescence of endomyocardial biopsy specimens. We have classified these patients according to their rejection pattern: cellular, vascular, and mixed. The criteria for these designations have been previously described. In this study we retrospectively reviewed(More)
To evaluate challenges facing heart transplant recipients who become pregnant, we surveyed 194 heart transplantation centers and reviewed the literature. Thirty-two known pregnancies in heart (n = 29) or heart-lung (n = 3) allograft recipients have resulted in 29 children, including two sets of twins. The method of delivery was most often vaginal (cesarean(More)