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Little is known about normative variation in stress response over the adolescent transition. This study examined neuroendocrine and cardiovascular responses to performance and peer rejection stressors over the adolescent transition in a normative sample. Participants were 82 healthy children (ages 7-12 years, n = 39, 22 females) and adolescents (ages 13-17,(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of a home-based physical activity (PA) intervention for colorectal cancer patients versus contact control was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial. METHODS Forty-six patients (mean age = 57.3 years [SD = 9.7], 57% female, mean = 2.99 years post-diagnosis [SD = 1.64]) who had completed treatment for stages 1-3 colorectal(More)
A meta-analysis of published studies with adult human participants was conducted to evaluate whether physical fitness attenuates cardiovascular reactivity and improves recovery from acute psychological stressors. Thirty-three studies met selection criteria; 18 were included in recovery analyses. Effect sizes and moderator influences were calculated by using(More)
To significantly reduce smoking prevalence, treatments must balance reach, efficacy, and cost. The Internet can reach millions of smokers cost-effectively. Many cessation Web sites exist, but few have been evaluated. As a result, the potential impact of the Internet on smoking prevalence remains unknown. The present study reports the results, challenges,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients who have completed Phase II cardiac rehabilitation have low rates of maintenance of exercise after program completion, despite the importance of sustaining regular exercise to prevent future cardiac events. PURPOSE The efficacy of a home-based intervention to support exercise maintenance among patients who had completed Phase II(More)
BACKGROUND Given the low rates of physical activity participation, innovative intervention approaches are needed to make a public health impact. METHODS The study was conducted at the Miriam Hospital/Brown Medical School in Providence, RI, and in communities of Southeastern Massachusetts from 2002 to 2005. Previously sedentary women (n = 280; mean age =(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to define the natural progression of driving impairment in persons who initially have very mild to mild dementia. METHODS We studied 128 older drivers, including 84 with early Alzheimer disease (AD) and 44 age-matched control subjects without cognitive impairment. Subjects underwent repeated assessments of their(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy on newborn neurobehavior at 10 to 27 days. STUDY DESIGN Participants were 56 healthy infants (28 smoking-exposed, 28 unexposed) matched on maternal social class, age, and alcohol use. Maternal smoking during pregnancy was determined by maternal interview and maternal saliva cotinine.(More)
AIMS To examine the reliability of self-report cigarette smoking questions by describing recanting (denial of previous smoking reports) in a nationally representative sample of US adolescents followed throughout young adulthood. Predictors of recanting across stages of smoking uptake/progression are examined. DESIGN A total of 12 985 respondents to(More)
Researchers' understanding of the impact of sociocultural and psychological factors on the various stages of adolescent smoking uptake is limited. Using national data, the authors examined transitions across smoking stages among adolescents (N = 20,747) as a function of interpersonal, familial, and peer domains. Peer smoking was particularly influential on(More)