George D. Kondylis

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Abstmcr-In this paper we present RBRP, a TDMA-based distributed medium access control (MAC) protocol for broadcast reservations in mobile ad hoc networks. Primary design goal of RBRP is robustness of broadcast reservations in the presence of hidden terminals, reservation deadlocks and mobility. Specifically, RBRP is characterized by four important features:(More)
We describe a new synchronous and distributed medium access control (MAC) protocol for multihop wireless networks that provides bandwidth guarantees to unicast connections. Our MAC protocol is based on a slotted time division multiple access (TDMA) architecture, with a multi-mini-slotted signaling phase scheduling data transmissions over slots in the(More)
Wireless ad-hoc networks consist of mobile nodes forming a dynamically changing topology without any infrastructure. Multicasting in a wireless ad-hoc network is difficult and challenging. In this paper we propose a novel protocol, Wireless Ad-hoc Real-Time Multicasting (WARM), for multicasting real-time (CBR and VBR) data among nodes in a wireless ad-hoc(More)
With the increase in speed and memory storage in modern computer systems, the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for the solution of electromagnetic problems is rapidly becoming an attractive choice due to its programming simplicity and flexibility in the analysis of a wide range of structures. However, this technique has the drawback of high(More)
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