George D. Byrne

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Two variable-order, varlable-step size methods for the numerical solution of the initial value problem for ordinary differential equations are presented. These methods share a common philosophy and have been combined in a single program. The two integrators are for stiff and nonstiff ordinary differential equations, respectively. The former integrator is(More)
Numerical integration formulas of interpolatory type are generated by the integration of g-splines. These formulas, which are best in the sense of Sard, are used to construct predictor-corrector and block implicit schemes. The schemes are then compared with Adams-Bashforth-Adams-Moulton and Rosser schemes for a particular set of prototype problems.(More)
The idea of rank-one updates for the inverse of the Newton iteration matrix is considered in the context of solving stiff systems of ordinary differential equations. A specific and simple problem (linear, with a constant, diagonal Jacobian) and a specific and simple method (backward Euler, with constant step) are studied. A Newton iteration matrix which is(More)
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