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Aspiration of iliac crest bone marrow (ICBM) remains the most frequent technique used in harvesting multipotential stromal cells (MSCs) for bone regeneration. Although this tissue type is easily accessed by a surgeon, it has a low frequency of MSCs, which is significant given the high cell numbers required for bone regeneration strategies. Lipoaspirates(More)
BACKGROUND The 'reamer-irrigator-aspirator' (RIA) is an innovation developed to reduce fat embolism (FE) and thermal necrosis (TN) that can occur during reaming/nailing of long-bone fractures. Since its inception its indications have expanded to include the treatment of long-bone osteomyelitis and as a harvester of bone graft/mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).(More)
Synovial sarcoma of the larynx is extremely rare having been reported only six times previously in the literature. We add another case report, which to our knowledge is the first recorded case in a child. We discuss the alternative approach of combination chemotherapy and radiotherapy which in this case led to a remission lasting about 3 years. The(More)
Cryptosporidium parvum is a zoonotic Apicomplexa-protozoan pathogen that causes gastroenteritis and diarrhea in mammals worldwide. Globally, C. parvum is ubiquitous on dairy operations and is the pathogen most commonly diagnosed in association with calf diarrhea. Here, we describe the antibody response in 20 pregnant cows to a recombinant C. parvum oocyst(More)
The scarcity of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in iliac crest bone marrow aspirate (ICBMA), and the expense and time in culturing cells, has led to the search for alternative harvest sites. The reamer-irrigation-aspirator (RIA) provides continuous irrigation and suction during reaming of long bones. The aspirated contents pass via a filter, trapping bony(More)
Accumulating evidence implicates cerebral fat embolism (CFE) as a causative agent in post-operative confusion (POC). CFE occurs following orthopaedic procedures including, intra-medullary (IM) nailing and total joint arthroplasty (TJA). The incidence of CFE is high (59-100% TJA) and the resulting POC is associated with higher overall complication rates.(More)
The reamer-irrigator-aspirator is increasingly being used to harvest autologous bone graft from the femur. The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent of neo-vascularisation and new bone formation that occurs within the medulla following the procedure, and determine if new bone formation would potentially allow a repeat bone harvest in those(More)
To investigate whether recurrent or persistent otitis media with effusion (OME) was associated with particular patterns of fetal growth, we conducted a case control study of 129 children admitted for insertion of grommets and 150 controls. The risk of OME was not statistically significantly related to gestational age or individual measures of size at birth,(More)
Eight cases of an acquired perforating disease are reported in oil field workers who were exposed to drilling fluid. Analysis of the drilling fluid showed it to contain many components, including calcium chloride. Histopathologic study of patient lesions demonstrated transepidermal elimination of calcium. An in vivo mouse model was developed to study this(More)
A compound of ergot alkaloids (Hydergine-Sandoz) or placebo was given to sixty elderly nursing home patients with non-psychotic organic brain syndrome. Subsequent to 12 weeks of treatment, the mean serum prolactin of the drug was significantly lower than that of the placebo group. No correlation was found between changes in prolactin and changes in behavior(More)